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  Find a Program Just for You. Or We Can Create One! 

   Whether you are a full time meeting planner or you are a committee member tasked with finding a speaker, Deb is       happy  to  work  with you to create the perfect blend of songs, stories and humor to meet and exceed your specific goals.

   Give her a call!    office:  630-692-1095      mobile:  630-508-0278.

   Keep in mind, the ratio of “information” to “entertainment” is completely adjustable, as are the time frames and even the program titles!  Handouts and CE documentation are available as needed for all programs.  Participants always leave Deb’s programs with a take home memento, a smile on their face, and greater appreciation for you!   Consider gifting participants with a book or CD.   Ask about discount pricing for bulk orders.

Deb Gauldin’s music has an uncanny ability to touch us where we live – and struggle.

Marie Walter, APRN

Gunderson Lutheran Hospital La Crosse, WI


Deb has also presented thoughtful and entertaining and programs on these topics:

  • Size and Body Acceptance
  • Women’s History
  • Ending Violence Against Women

Deb’s program felt more like a sleepover with a best friend than a Keynote. She says or sings what everyone feels! 

Wellness Conference Feedback

Clarinda IA

Are You Pouring from an Empty Pitcher?

Feeling Overextended and Underappreciated? This program is a well-deserved and rare opportunity to go completely off duty

Refill your self-care and compassion reservoir with fun stress busters and  morale boosters.


Stretchmarks to Laughlines: A Woman’s Journey to Her Own Heart

(Easily modified for Heart Healthy and Survivor Events)

Sit back, relax, and expect to dampen the panty liner!  Take a comical look at the ways we judge ourselves and others. 

Laugh your way to loving yourself just as you are! 

Is Laughter the Best Medicine? You Bet!

Explore how laughter and happiness impact our bodies and minds.

Learn to exercise your humor muscle and build a healthier and happier and more resilient life. 


The Wrinkles We Wear and Stories We Share.

Forget Your Troubles. Come On Get Happy.

Sit back, relax, and expect to dampen the panty liner! Take a comical look at the ways we judge our aging selves.

Learn to view wrinkles as precious memories etched upon your face and roadmaps to your loving heart.*

Laugh your way to loving yourself just as you are!*

From lyrics by Kristen Lems

The People on the Bus Go Up and Down.

A Personality Primer for Dealing with Difficult People – Without Becoming One

People aren’t laying in bed at night thinking of ways to annoy you. It only feels that way sometimes.

Learn what is great about your personality, why you may feel misunderstood, and how to recognize and appreciate the Crazy-makers around you.

I Used to Be Smarter Than My Phone. Understanding and Appreciating Generational Differences.

Learn what’s great about your generation, why you may feel misunderstood, and how to improve communication and teamwork.

P.S. Deb reports she not only menopausal, but technopausal as well!