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Deb has delivered customized humor, music, and cartoons for more than 20 years in over 20 countries. She says talking too much in school finally paid off! Give her a call today.

Laughter and Renewal for the Overextended and Underappreciated

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Humor Competition Winner

I couldn't be more thrilled to have placed 3rd in this esteemed contest. Jeanne Robertson is  the best of the best...

Nurses Week in England

NURSES WEEK IN ENGLAND!     A Dream Come True! In addition to presenting programs for the airmen and staff at...

Winning Entry

What a way to kick off our day and set the mood. Deb’s closing recap captured the essence of our conference perfectly. She nailed it! Beverly Dobbins Program Director Business and Professional Women Chicago,IL

Nurses have a bond that transcends borders and differences. Deb ‘s  unit visits exemplified this. Her music and kindness touched everyone! Tracey McDonald, PhD Deputy Director of Nursing Royal Northshore Hospital Sydney, AU


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